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Matt DeHart named as third Courage beneficiary

The 30-year-old former US National Guard drone team member and alleged WikiLeaks courier was deported to the US less than 24 hours ago after asylum claim declined by Canada


CITIZENFOUR wins Oscar for Best Documentary

Laura Poitras' film depicts Edward Snowden's whistleblowing, courage, and escape to asylum, but it also demonstrates the dangerous gap in protections for whistleblowers

Photo by J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Stephen Kim explains what it’s like to be charged under the Espionage Act

The Intercept sheds light on what Stephen Kim endured as he faced Espionage Act charges for speaking to Fox News reporter James Rosen, with an in-depth report and video interviews

JH terror watchlist

Documents: FBI put Jeremy Hammond on a secret terrorist watchlist

The Daily Dot reports on confidential records showing Jeremy Hammond on a federal terrorist watchlist, further revealing the government's equation of truthtelling with terrorism


Jeffrey Sterling convicted of espionage on circumstantial evidence

Government lawyers used a few brief phone calls and a deleted email to prosecute the former CIA official for espionage for allegedly disclosing classified information; convicted of 9 counts, Sterling's sentencing case is scheduled for 24 April

obama pentagon

President Obama announces new proposals to “secure cyberspace”

The US government is ostensibly modernising the abusive CFAA law, used to prosecute hackers and dissidents, in a move that restricts freedoms under the guise of public safety

Lon Snowden

Lon Snowden on speaking truth to power

In an op-ed for Philadelpha magazine, Edward Snowden's father writes that "I do not believe that my son can find justice or safety on American soil for years"