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European Court of Justice rules data sharing agreement with US illegal

Europe's highest court rules that the PRISM programme revealed by Edward Snowden is a violation of EU citizens' fundamental rights


Snowden Treaty proposed to oppose global spying

On 24 September 2015, a press conference announced the Treaty that would "curtail mass surveillance and protect the rights of whistleblowers.”

Sarah Harrison

German SPD honours Sarah Harrison with International Willy Brandt Prize

"Sarah Harrison has with her commitment to WikiLeaks and especially in the company of Edward Snowden showed great political courage."


Snowden-Manning-Assange sculpture Anything To Say? moves to Geneva

Public Artwork for Freedom will be on the Place des Nations from 14 to 18 September, before moving on to Paris

Thomas Drake

Thomas Drake, fellow whistleblowers sue NSA, DOJ, FBI

The whistleblowers claim rampant violations of their civil liberties and constitutional rights as retaliation for speaking out about government fraud and abuse


Chelsea Manning faces indefinite solitary confinement for magazines and toothpaste [Updated]

The whistleblower is being penalised for possessing magazines like Vanity Fair, the Senate Torture Report and “expired” toothpaste; Update: Chelsea tweets, “I was found guilty of all 4 charges @ today’s board; I am receiving 21 days of restrictions on recreation–no gym, library or outdoors.”


Journalists condemn Netzpolitik investigation, German prosecutor fired

Courage members cosign a statement against the assault on press freedom as public outrage continues to grow